CGL Transport Driver David Cormier Recognized for One Million Miles of Safe Driving

CGL Transport Driver David Cormier Recognized for One Million Miles of Safe Driving

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, July 13, 2011 - CGL Transport LLC, a leading provider of temperature-controlled, high purity and specialty chemical and gas transport, honored David Cormier with its "Ambassadors of the Road" award for driving one million miles without an accident, ticket or violation.  Cormier, who has driven for CGL Transport (an affiliate of Rinchem Company) and Rinchem since March of 2003, was presented with, for use upon his routes, a brand new, midnight green, platinum trim tractor with a 500 horsepower, 13-speed, Cummins ISX engine and all leather interior.  Cormier also received a large cash bonus for achieving CGL Transport's highest transportation-related honor.

"David Cormier represents what is best about CGL Transport," said Jim Moore, Executive Director of CGL Transport.  "It is through the dedication, hard work and careful driving of employees like David, that CGL Transport is able to exceed customer expectations with regard to safety, reliability and supply chain excellence."  Jason Bushman, CGL Transport's Transportation Manager, said, "To place into perspective the magnitude of David's accomplishment, the one-million-mile distance that he has safely driven is equivalent to traveling forty times around the circumference of the earth without a single incident."

Cormier, who resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, makes frequent trips between Albuquerque, New Mexico; Chandler, Arizona; Hillsboro, Oregon and Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Speaking of CGL Transport's long-haul fleet, David says, "It is a team of professionals.  CGL Transport has good equipment and the benefits are good.  All in all, it is the best trucking company I have ever worked for."

Cormier exhibits an adventurous spirit both on and off the job.  In his spare time, he enjoys working on and driving his Z06 Corvette and his two Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  When asked where he most enjoys riding, Cormier replied that his native New Mexico is one of his favorite places.  "I love the desert, the scenery and the view," said Cormier.  "It is wide open country and there is always a nice breeze."

For more information about David Cormier's accomplishment, the "Ambassadors of the Road" program, or CGL Transport's chemical transportation solutions, please visit www.cgltransport.com or contact a CGL Transport representative at 1-855-333-CGLT.

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Executive Director of CGL Transport, LLC
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