Full Truckload

CGL Transport leverages a substantial list of Fortune 500 and regional customers, in coordination with our transportation management system (TMS), to optimally build and manage full truckload shipments.

CGL Transport's focus on handling hazardous chemicals and gases with stringent handling requirements provides us many opportunities to consolidate similar materials from multiple customers. Focusing on full truckloads is just one of the ways that CGL Transport reduces the transportation costs for our customers.

CGL Transport also has priority booking and availability to a U.S. network of over 25+ cross-dock facilities and warehouses customized to handle temperature controlled, hazardous chemicals and gases. This provides CGL the opportunity to pickup materials from multiple suppliers and transport to a warehouse located near your end-use customers. Our warehousing partner's local delivery fleet can provide just-in- time delivery of your materials to your end-use customers. To learn more about our warehousing partner's services please visit www.rinchem.com

Empty Returnable Containers

CGL Transport's Empty Returnable Container program allows you to receive your returnable containers in a timely manner. Due to the high price of containers, this program is another way that CGL Transport is able to save our customers money. 

Our transportation management system (TMS) will also allow you to track the volume and type of returnable containers in-transit, allowing for improved production planning and forecasting.

Returnable Container Features:

  • Online tracking of volumes and types of containers
  • Order request services
  • Consolidation of containers

For more information about how CGL Transport can streamline your transportation network, or to request a quote, please contact a member of our business development team at 1-800-831-3655 or email us at sales@cgltransport.com.