Refrigerated Transportation

Most of our customers are manufacturers/suppliers or end-users of high purity, pre-packed chemicals and gases that have very stringent handling requirements, including varying temperature control ranges.  Many of the materials that we transport are used by the semiconductor industry and originate from related chemical and gas suppliers.

It is critical to our customers that materials are kept within a specified temperature range throughout the entire supply chain.

Temperature Control Features:

  • 34+ years of temperature controlled handling experience
  • Fleet dedicated to temperature control transport
  • Procedures to protect load temperatures in transit
  • Load tracking and visibility
  • Maintain drum and tote covers (when included with product)

For more information about how CGL Transport can streamline your transportation network, or to request a quote, please contact a member of our business development team at 1-800-831-3655 or email us at sales@cgltransport.com.