Breadth of Services

CGL Transport offers both breadth of location and comprehensive logistic solutions for the chemical the distribution network through partnership with Rinchem Company.  Through this partnership, CGL Transport utilizes over twenty-five locations (especially suited for the handling of chemicals and gases) in North America for distribution, consolidation and cross-docking activities. This breadth of location provides customers with quick access to key markets for distribution growth.

Rinchem and CGL Transport also offer lead logistics solutions, integrating and managing all logistics related supplier contracts on behalf of our customers and coordinating all logistics related activity. A joint team, consisting of representatives from each company, works with all involved parties to assemble the resources, capabilities and technologies needed to cost-effectively and expertly design, build and implement a streamlined, responsive chemical supply or distribution network.

For more information about CGL Transport locations or breadth of services, or to request a quote, please contact a member of our business development team at 1-800-831-3655 or email us at sales@cgltransport.com.