Chemical Focus and Expertise

CGL Transport's primary focus is chemical and gas logistics. Our company safely ships millions of pounds of chemicals and gases annually. Because of this, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.

CGL Transport's expertise translates into higher safety levels and less risk of accident for our customers.  This expertise also enables CGL Transport to deliver full regulatory compliance.

CGL Transport utilizes over twenty-five locations (especially suited for the handling of chemicals) in North America for distribution, consolidation and cross-docking activities.  This breadth of location provides customers with quick access to key markets for distribution growth.

CGL Transport's assets, systems and personnel are all focused upon delivering chemical and gas transportation solutions.  Our tractors and trailers are customized for chemical and gas transportation.  Our systems are also customized for chemical tracking and compliance.  And finally, our employees are specially trained with regard to handling, transport and management of hazardous, temperature-controlled, regulated chemicals and gases.

For your chemical and gas transportation and distribution needs, CGL Transport offers unparalleled expertise, safety, regulatory compliance and peace of mind. 

For more information about how CGL Transport can streamline your transportation network, or to request a quote, please contact a member of our business development team at 1-800-831-3655 or email us at sales@cgltransport.com.