Environmental Stewardship

CGL Transport is committed to helping its customers to build environmentally friendly logistics networks.  Through load consolidation, route optimization and planning, miles traveled and subsequent emissions can be reduced.  Through the use of newer tractors with more efficient, cleaner burning engines, CGL Transport strives to reduce environmental impact relating to its activities.  By building greater visibility and flexibility into the logistics network, CGL Transport helps its customers to carry less inventory that leads to fewer trips, less spoilage from obsolescence, and a more efficient operation. 

CGL Transport is an active participant in the EPA's SmartWay program, having received the highest score that can be awarded in its category for use of technologies that reduce environmental impact.  CGL Transport is also testing new technologies with regard to truck aerodynamics, to improve gas mileage and reduce its environmental footprint. 

CGL Transport's drivers and staff are also specially trained to transport and handle regulated chemicals and gases, reducing risk associated with the management of such materials.  CGL Transport safely delivers millions of pounds of chemicals and gases in a timely, efficient, accurate manner on an annual basis.

For more information about how CGL Transport's environmental initiatives, or to request a quote, please contact a member of our business development team at 1-800-831-3655 or email us at sales@cgltransport.com.